Department stores

De Bijenkorf is one of the oldest department store chain in the Netherlands. De Bijenkorf is the only nationwide high-end department store chain in the Netherlands and offers a wide variety of high-end products. The first de Bijenkorf store opened in 1870 in Amsterdam. This distinctive building has over 20,000 sq. m. of retail space, draws vast numbers of visitors and truly is a landmark.

IEF Capital took its chance in 2005 to acquire the current Berlage portfolio through a sale and lease back transaction with Maxeda. With this transaction, IEF Capital added several de Bijenkorf and V&D department stores to its real estate portfolio. As the pictures show, they are some of the finest shopping locations in the historic centers of Dutch cities, such as de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam and The Hague and the former V&D stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht.