Mr. Nechemja de Bruijn LLM
Fund Director

Nechemja joined IEF Capital in 2005 and has over ten years experience in Retail Management and Finance.

Mr. Xavier Noach MSc
Fund Manager

With IEF Capital since 2014.

Ms. Mariska Rimmelzwaan
Senior Acquisition and Lease Manager

Mariska joined IEF Capital in 2012 and has over 7 years experience in Asset Management and Leasing.

Mr. Johan F. Leene
Senior Asset Manager at Bouwfonds IM

Johan joined Bouwfonds IM in 2015 and has over 15 years experience in Retail Asset Management Leasing and Acquisitions.

Mr. Gerhard Claasen RA
Financial Controller

Financial Control is headed by Gerhard; with 30 years experience as Financial Public auditor.

Mr. Ronald Schreudering
Head of Technical Management at Bouwfonds IM

Ronald joined Bouwfonds in 2002 and has a broad experience in electrical engineering, real estate management and maintenance.

Mr. drs. Klaas de Graaf
Finance Manager at Bouwfonds IM

With Bouwfonds IM since 2005. Klaas has over 10 years experience in Controlling and Finance.

Ms. Simone Voets
Office Manager

With IEF Capital since 2011.