Investments in existing portfolio and maintenance

IEF Capital takes a long-term view with regard to investments in maintaining the high quality of its real estate portfolio. Large-scale renovations projects may take place based on IEF Capital’s vision solely or based on specific requirements of its key or prospect tenants.

IEF Capital’s investments in its retail portfolio mainly concern optimizing floor spaces to the dynamic requirements of the retail market. A good example in this regard is the renovation of the historic building in The Hague’s Grote Markt area. In close liaison with the valued lessee, de Bijenkorf, IEF Capital added 1,500 sq. m. to the existing store area. In addition to extensions, IEF Capital also renovates many of its retail premises in order to optimize their attractiveness to the retail market. The renovation of a store at Coolsingel in Rotterdam is an example in which IEF Capital renovated the store space and façade “at risk” (with no key tenant at the time of investment). Shortly after its renovation it was long-term leased to McDonalds.